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Heterotheca subaxillaris
August 26, 2014
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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I’m still shocked how many people don’t know/realize/care how dangerous helium balloon releases are. Sure it looks fun, but those balloons come down again as trash. And you can be sure if they end up on a body of water they resemble food to the wildlife and they choke to death or starve because it prevents them from eating.

These balloons keep washing up on the beaches of Delaware today. Sad.

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A view of #bartramsgarden through the front door of the historic house. #garden #historichouse (at Bartram’s Garden)

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In her photo series, ‘Flower Power’, Brooklyn-based French photographer Sophie Gamand captured stunning portraits of a group of pit bulls by adorning their heads with flower crowns

Look at them! So cute

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This #harvestman is being eaten alive. You can see his little legs struggling to get out. #venusflytrap #carnivorousplants

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In the grand scheme of things, your day isn’t as bad as the one this #harvestman is having. #venusflytrap #carnivorousplants #nomnomnom #circleoflife #nature #instagood (at Bartram’s Garden)

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A super close up of the #lichen called british soldier. #nofilter #micro

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Dahlia ‘#031 Scarlet’
Heirloom Dahlia Variety
August 15, 2014

Growing in the Anne Bartram Carr Garden.

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Nope. Not ready for this nonsense yet. I still have too many summer plants to press and days at the beach to plan. #fall #Autumn #RedMaple #leaf

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My new #intern since yesterday was our human intern’s last day. Here you can see him organizing our supplies #squirrel